Step 1: Uploading the Application

    To begin, locate the EXP.zip file on your computer. This file will need to be uploaded to Microsoft Teams.

    • Navigate to the Microsoft Teams admin center
    • Navigate to Teams apps → Manage apps
    • Press the + Upload button
    • Upload the application .zip file from your computer


    Step 2: Launching the Application

    After the application is uploaded, proceed by launching the application please.

    • Return to Microsoft Teams and click on the ellipsis (…) symbol on the left sidebar
    • Navigate to More apps → Built for your org
    • Click on the EXP application
    • Open the EXP application


    Step 3: Authentication & Authorization

    Before you are able to use the EXP application, you will need to complete the authentication and authorization process.

    • Upon launching the application, you will be prompted with a request for additional permissions. Select Continue


    • Accept both pop-ups and wait for the app to process information


    The EXP App will then begin loading.